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Positive Planet shares the mission and values of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our organization works on all the contributory factors to drive development momentum in the field. Through its various programs, its objective is to impact the greatest number of beneficiaries, thus contributing positively to transforming our world for future generations.

Over the years, Positive Planet has learned to capitalize on its operational development expertise to offer three value proposition for a shared, sustainable and autonomous development to public institutions and private companies alike.

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Access to Financial services

Frances Fraser

Offer access to credit facilities for the poorest populations to ensure they have a lasting professional activity. Set up adaptable microfinance institutions which are rigorously managed and [...]

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Access to Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the first natural response to high unemployment. Because creating a company means creating one’s own employment, Positive Planet aims to help those who, despite being in a [...]

Access to Markets

Marin de Viry

Positive Planet organizes inclusive value chains in order to help establish a strong and long-lasting relationship between small producers, be they artisans or farmers, and the market. Such [...]

Other accesses

Xavier Bertrand

1.6 billion people live in precarious conditions. In urban or rural areas, access to sanitation and energy is no longer a utopia, since robust, sustainable and affordable technologies already exist. [...]