Access to Entrepreneurship


of young people in the MENA region are unemployed


Entrepreneurship is the first natural response to high unemployment. Because creating a company means creating one’s own employment, Positive Planet aims to help those who, despite being in a precarious economic situation, are sufficiently motivated to become entrepreneurial. We give them the intellectual know-how and skills to manage their company, support them during the project design, accompany them during the initial set-up and exploitation, help them to access means of finance, and ensure their increasing autonomy through being permanently present.

Our main Projects

Contribute to the economic development of unemployed or low-income youth in Upper Egypt


Youth in Upper Egypt

Sohag and Assiut are two of the poorest governorates in Egypt. To alleviate poverty, this programs aims to provide financial and non-financial services to youth in Upper Egypt, to help them create, sustain and expand their business.

France. Access to employment through entrepreneurship in priority neighborhoods.


Entrepreneurship in suburban areas

Mena. Access to micro-entrepreneurship for the unemployed 18-35 years old. Project developed by Positive Planet

Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine

Youth Entrepreneurship

•Economic inclusion of young people is a priority in the Middle East, where their unemployment rate can be as high as 35%.