Access to Financial services


billion individuals around the world have no access to financial services

*2015 Microfinance Barometer, Convergences
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Offer access to credit facilities for the poorest populations to ensure they have a lasting professional activity. Set up adaptable microfinance institutions which are rigorously managed and profitable. Reinforce existing organizations by helping them to widen their offer and client portfolio. Help commercial banks to develop a microfinance offer for a population whose revenue grows year after year. In all cases, lever new technologies to increase productivity and widen the
service offer.

Our main Projects

Burkina Faso. Impove access to money transfer services for West African migrants

West Africa

Money transfer postal initiative for African migrants

There is considerable mobility and migration across the four countries of Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Mali.

Morocco. Financial services project developed by Positive Planet


Mobile banking

The Central Bank of Morocco, well aware of the low usage rate of banking services throughout the country, notably in the peri-urban and semi-rural areas, decided to fix an objective of 60 % by 2013

Ningxia, China. Access to Financial project project, developed by Positive Planet


Risk Management

Development of microfinance has come with an increasingly complex landscape of risks, one of them being risk management

Cameroon.Financial services and entrepreurial training project, developed by Positive Planet


Microfinance & Women

Cameroon is a country with a low Human Development Index, and an equally low Gender Inequality Index, being ranked 140th in the world.

China, financial education project developed by Positive Planet


Microfinance & Women

The program aims to bring practical, scalable solutions for empowering Chinese women.

As Positive Planet we’d like to see the financially excluded gain access to a full range of appropriate financial services. These services need to be designed to truly meet the needs of customers and be delivered in a responsible and sustainable way. Positive Planet are specialists in supporting financial institutions in achieving their commercial and social objectives through capacity building and bespoke advisory services.

Frances Fraser