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of the rural population in Africa lack access to electricity

* Source : World Bank

1.6 billion people live in precarious conditions. In urban or rural areas, access to sanitation and energy is no longer a utopia, since robust, sustainable and affordable technologies already exist. By identifying needs, defining the economic solution, financing the projects, building technical and commercialization partnerships, and piloting the installation roll-out,
Positive Planet mobilizes all its field experience in favor of equipping projects successfully for individuals and small companies.

Our main Projects

Access to energy and affordable lodging in the Santiago camps (Photo: Agência Brasil - Secretaria de Imprensa e Divulgação)


Sun Chile

In Chile, there are no less than 657 informal dwellings located in the urban fabric and sheltering 27 378 families, with bad access to water or electricity.

Nepal, Micro health-insurance project


Complementary health insurance

Madagascar, Health insurance Project.


Health Insurance ZINA

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Improving access to energy and electricity for the most disadvantaged populations helps local development and has a significant impact on access to education and food safety.

Xavier Bertrand