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See offers Join our teams at the HQ or at our Global offices, and participate in our various activities. Commit yourself to working for future generations and make the most of it by developing new skills.

All our volunteers are fully supported so that their missions can be as fulfilling as possible.

Besides, you can also engage in fieldwork by joining the French Civic Service scheme (for HQ roles) or the French VSI (International Solidarity Volunteers) scheme. To learn more about these opportunities, please click on the SEE OFFERS link above.


We regularly welcome volunteers to support our HQ teams in the fields of communicationtranslation, and human resources. If you would like to contribute and provide us with your skills and abilities, in these fields or in others, please feel free to contact us at the following email address :


Positive economy is everyone’s concern: from now on, development will no longer be imposed on people « from above ». As I say, small streams make big rivers, and I am delighted that Positive Planet gave me the opportunity to serve this essential cause with a little of my time and skills. "

Christopher James, volunteer translator