The P+SITIVE EDUC’ TOUR Financial Inclusion Through Education

Currently 2.5 billion adults – ie 50% of the adult popula on worldwide -are denied access to basic nancial services. Financial inclusion is a major economic challenge and an essen al condi on for social integra on of the most vulnerable popula ons, as it enables access to work, health, housing and educa on.

In developing countries, many alterna ves to tradi onal banking services have arisen: postal banking, micro nance, mobile banking and money transfer.

Sending cash to Africa from Europe or domes cally within Africa is expensive. As a result, migrants o en use informal services to send remi ances. This leads to lower than expected contribu ons to the social and economic development of the country of origin.

Posi ve Planet and the Universal Postal union (UPU) have joined their exper se in order to foster the posi ve impact of remi ances in sub-Saharan countries, by redirec ng remi ances towards saving and insurance services which induce posi ve externali es for migrants and their families. Financial educa on is an essen al component of nancial inclusion, as it allows bene ciaries make informed choices about their nancial well- being through building their capacity for manage their income, expenses, budget, savings and loans.

Along these lines, Posi ve Planet will soon launch the 1st Posi ve Educ’ Tour, a roadshow that aims to sensi se migrants and their families about good nancial management and remi ances prac ces. The roadshow will take place in four countries: Mali, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Cameroon.