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L’arrondi sur Salaire

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L'”arrondi sur salaire” is a collaborative way to support the financing of the projects led by Positive Planet, in partnership with micrDON, a united approved social enterprise which accompanies since 2009 companies in the implementation of solutions of collection by bringing new financing:  1,75 million €uros were put back by microgift in 2016 (vs 1M in 2015).

L’arrondi sur salaire is a simple gesture that consist in a monthly voluntary on the pay slip. Because it’s a gift from a few pennies to few euros, it’s accessible to everone. It’s the result of a disscution between the company and its salariees to choose witch NGO the employees will support; and because the employeur can give up when he wants, it’s co-solidarity. MicroDON offers a  turnkey solution with the technial  support, legal, fiscal, accounting and communication support

A web platform “MicroDON on salary” is then decided. It’s a unique communicational interface for each employee of the company. They can login to choose the amount of their giving, to increase (or decrease) it, simulate it, and they can see the impact after fiscal deduction.

The dift on salary implements long-lasting links with local, national or international associative actors.

It indicates a leverage which slows down the collected funds, with regard to the classic sponsorship. It is also a practice of innovative CSR with great potential of social impact, playing on the internal and external image. This approach mobilizes all of the collaborators without distinction and represents an effort of co-solidarity creating a common run-up collaborators / company.

Some concrete results: