Letter from the President

Creating a better world for future generations.

Positive Planet has set itself a mission to help people across the world to create the conditions for a better future for the next generations and, in particular, for their own descendants. It is in the interest of those living today to help future populations, who in turn will continue the chain. Such is the definition of the positive economy.

To achieve its mission, Positive Planet aims to specifically accompany those persons lacking the means to improve the lives of their own descendants, by providing their children with the best environment to grow, learn and achieve their full potential. Drawing on its experience in microfinance and financial inclusion acquired when operating under the name of PlaNet Finance, Positive Planet aims to provide access to a healthy and balanced life for everybody.

Positive Planet mobilizes the support of all its experts for the poor and needy across the world, so that young children and their parents will have access to training and the financing of their projects in order to release their full potential, individually and collectively.

Jacques Attali