Our missions

Positive Planet International, intervenes in the construction and the management of programs to prevent the socioeconomic impact strength of the populations excluded from traditional circuits of the education and from the employment, in particular the young people and the women.

Today, the association mobilizes experts in entrepreneurship and microfinances to develop the economic autonomy of the most fragile populations, by acting by four ways:

  • Accelerate their financial inclusion: by working on the emergence of financial services and distribution networks adapted to the needs for these populations and develop educational programs financial.
  • Favor the entrepreneurship: by supporting the associative and cooperative structures in the definition and the implementation of services adapted to the needs for the entrepreneurs in particular the necessary trainings to create and develop generative activities of lasting income.
  • Strengthen their position on markets: by accompanying the small producers, in cooperation with the biggest international buyers of farm produces, to structure fair agricultural value chains and strengthen the quality of the productions.
  • Create the conditions of their impact in front of personal and collective hazards: because the income of these families also depends on their access to the energy, to the accommodation and to the health, Positive Planet International includes as soon as possible these components within the projects which she leads.

The activities deploy in more than 35 countries, by being concentrated in the priority regions: in Africa (46 %), in Indian Ocean (13 %) and in the countries of the MENA zone (15 %). With around forty active projects in 2016, it is about 40 000 beneficiaries touched directly by a training or a personalized support and more than 200 000 people who benefited from programs.

Positive Planet International makes his the mission and shares the values of the Objectives of the Sustainable development of the UNO. Positive Planet International works on all the factors which activate, on the ground, the dynamics of the development, with for objective to achieve, through its programs, beneficiaries’ largest number contributing to transform positively our world for the future generations.


Find here the report activity 2016/2017 of Positive Planet International

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