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Professional training for the Lebanese community and the Syrian refugees

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Our very first large-scale crowd-funding campaign has just been launched on Indiegogo Life.

Objective: Raise 100,000 USD to fund a project, which aims to support 18-35 year old Syrian refugees and Lebanese hosting community members to create their own small enterprises. The program, in partnership with our local partner  Makhzoumi Foundation  aims to empower the youth through entrepreneurship solutions as well as create cohesion between the two communities. Read more.

The Story

This project initiated by Positive Planet, aims to support 380 Lebanese hosting community  and Syrian refugees (18-35 year old) to get back on their feet through the creation of their own small businesses. Through consulting and technical assistance to its local NGO partner Makhzoumi Foundation, the objective is to develop economic skills and opportunities as well as the provision of start-up loans (micro-credit).

The project aims to create empowerment for both the Lebanese hosting community and the Syrian Refugees through education, vocational training, communication, coaching, conflict resolution and life skills. The objective extends to generate harmony and foster unity by bringing the two communities together through entrepreneurship. Thousands of youth and their families will be looking to benefit from this program through a butterfly effect.

The Problem

For many years now, Lebanon has provided a safe haven for the Syrian refugees, who prefer it for its cultural similarities and proximity to their homeland. As of end of 2014, their number exceeded 2 million. Today that number has increased significantly.

This influx, along with the already considerable presence of Palestinian and Iraqi refugees, has meant a considerable strain on Lebanon and its economic resources. The estimated unemployment rate among Lebanese is 27%, while unofficial estimates among Palestinian, Iraqi and Syrian refugees put unemployment as high as 50% – creating a situation of considerable tension and struggle between the refugees and their host communities.

The Project

With their know-how and previous experience in supporting migrants in France and elsewhere across the world, Positive Planet and its local NGO partner will target women (60%) and men (40%) in both rural and urban areas; split between  Lebanese from host communities (50%) and Syrian refugees (50%)

The expected outreach of this project will support 1500 members of their immediate families in addition to the thousands of beneficiaries and their families of the local NGO.

Objectives of the project

The project will encourage other potential Syrian refugees and the hosting community to learn new professions and start generating income that will help their families improve their financial status. Through a networking event at the end of the project, young people will have a chance to be connected with other youth entrepreneurs in the country in addition to NGOs that work on marketing & selling entrepreneurs’ produce, so that they are introduced to success stories and learn from them.

The Target

Funding this project means empowering those who really need it, positively impacting communities at the ‘bottom of the pyramid’, and ultimately, helping foster cooperation rather than competition. Although we are campaigning for 100,000 USD, that is half of what we really need. We are seeking at least 200,000 USD to implement this 18 month project. If we do not raise the full amount then we will impact a lower number than stated in this programme.  So, the more funds raised, the more people impacted. The funds will all go towards training and building the capacity of the youth. Please support us to change lives for the better by donating and spreading the word! Lets empower Syrian refugees and the hosting communities and spread positive vibes throughout the world by using the hashtag #EmpoweringSyria.

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