Chine / Microfinance & Women

Province de Gansu, Chine. Projet d'accès à l'éducation financière pour les femmes de la minorité Hui développé par Positive Planet
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The program aims to bring practical, scalable solutions for empowering Chinese women.

The project, as designed, has a core focus on the Diageo “Plan W” : goals of Economic Opportunities (microfinance, skills training) and Mobility (independence and freedom to pursue opportunities)


The goal of the financial education curriculum is to support socially-oriented microfinance institutions to systematically implement women’s financial education programs on an ongoing basis, and become a visible case study and replicable modes for the Chinese sector.


  • Huimin MCC Clients
  • Micro-entrepreneurs and farmers receiving microfinance loans & their families
  • Ningxia Autonomous Region residents (Yanchi, Tongxin, Guyuan counties)
  • 93% women
  • Majority Hui Minority and Muslim


  • Year 1: ToT approach. Loan officers trained. LOs then provide training to clients during client visits. Trainings focus on fundamental financial concepts and traditional offline tools.
  • Year 2 (current): In ToT approach adapted to include community trainers (Big Group Leaders) in addition to Loan Officers; mobile technology (WeChat platform) and peer trainers are included implemented to expand reach and deepen impact. Training curriculum shifts to build on Year 1 concepts by offering concrete advice on insurance, husbandry/farming, and online banking/digital payments.
  • Surveys: Baseline questionnaires and training performance feedback forms help us evaluate and improve
  • WeChat: Online social media/chatting platform allows us to create and share training content with beneficiaries remotely, as well as design interactive tools that allow for communication and 2-way questioning.


  • Target direct impact between 3,000 – 9,000 beneficiaries each year through direct and indirect trainings. Including passive and active information sharing among peers, indirect impact of 9,000 – 27,000 total beneficiaries (including men and children).
  • Year 1: 2,500 – 3,000 women received training and approximately 7,500 – 9,000 directly impacted
  • Year 2: Ongoing


  • Working with Huimin MCC is an innovative partnership because of its location, very unique client segment, and strong resolve to grassroots microfinance in a spread-out region of China
  • China is home to a large and dynamic cultural space, with many distinct traditions, habits and values represented across local communities both within and across provinces. The BoW emphasizes a Human Center Design approach of tailoring tools to local populations. Lessons learned might prove beneficial to other practitioners designing local FE tools and curricula.
  • BoW has begun to leverage digital media and technology to add depth and breadth to the educational offering. The first step in the direction has been utilizing WeChat’s supporting features and interactive interface to reach clients.

Budget, dates

  • Fall 2013 – December 2016
  • 126,000K€ per year over 3 years

Through the support of Diageo and it’s Plan W initiative, Positive Planet China has founded a unique partnership with Ningxia AR-based Huimin Microcredit Company to offer clients financial educational programming. Through this 3-year project, between 3,000 – 9,000 Ningxia entrepreneurs – 93% women and mainly Hui minorities – will receive trainings each year to improve their money management and business skills, in addition to learning fundamental concepts and practical skills related to finance and related services. The Microfinance and Women program emphasizes a human center design-focused approach to meet the needs of this predominantly rural and highly localized segment of microfinance clients. The project leverages a mix of innovative digital social media lessons and traditional tools to reach this objective.