Support our work

How to support our work

Involving your company in a project of general interest and uniting your teams around meaningful projects allows you to showcase and develop its impact as a responsible and socially responsible brand.

Positive Planet International offers 3 terms of engagement:

  • Financial one of the projects in progress,
  • Build with Positive Planet International teams and support a specific project,
  • Subscribe associative titles.

Financial an ongoing project 

Join our projects and empower women and men to realize their potential. You can take part in an ongoing project in co-financing. Our teams assist you in the selection of projects according to your stakes and your sector of activity.

Build a specific project

You can also launch a new project that Positive Planet International implements for the benefit of the populations that we accompany to get them out of educational and economic exclusion.

Our teams can help you build a specific project relevant to your social responsibility policy, your industry and your geographic presence.

Designing a training course or a social protection system for the benefit of local communities hosting your activities, strengthening the skills of small producers and developing financing solutions on a value chain essential for your activity … Our CSR experts will be able to to guide you in identifying objectives and setting up the program adapted to your needs, with the assistance of our technical experts and our local teams.

Subscribe our associative titles

Positive Planet International issues securities to which your company can subscribe.

Contracts for issuing associative titles, which are intended to meet the development and financing needs of the NGO and not to distribute to their subscribers management surpluses constituted by the issuing associations, ensure that the associations the means of their development

By supporting Positive Planet International, if you are a company you can deduct 60% of the amount of your financial participation within the limit of 0.5% of your turnover, with a possibility of postponement over 5 years.

If you are an individual resident in France, you can benefit from the deduction benefits provided by the law on your income tax or your wealth tax.