The Foundation

The Positive Planet Foundation, created in 2010 is a state-approved Foundation. Its main mission, henceforth, is a better world for future generations.

The Foundation focuses its action in three strategic directions:

  • Fund-raising for the implementation of innovative programs benefiting future generations, notably those developed by Positive Planet.
  • The organization of events promoting the positive economy through the Positive Economy Forum.
  • The incubation of positive economy-linked projects.


Positive Planet aims to promote a greater economic, social and environmental inclusion of vulnerable populations through designing and implementing about 40 projects per year, in more than 30 countries. These projects are executed in collaboration with about 200 partner organizations, public and private donors, governments, companies, community associations, microfinance institutions, and other stakeholders.

The Positive Planet Foundation is organized as a state-approved public-interest Foundation and is composed of three entities: the international NGO previously called PlaNet Finance (since 1998), the Positive Economy Forum (including labs and positive economy research indexes since 2012), and Positive Planet Social Business, since 2006, which aggregates the social business structures initially incubated and developed by Positive Planet, starting with Microcred, a holding company of several microcredit institutions in Africa and China.

Eric Roudil, Operations and Development Director

The Foundation organizes communication and fund-raising events:

  • The Positive Awards (9th edition in 2016)
  • A Charity Dinner at the Cannes International Film Festival (6th dinner in 2016)
  • The Positive Economy Forum, which for the 5th year has taken place in Le Havre in 2016, and which is rolled out in Italy (San Patrignano since 2014)

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