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£23,485 raised for Positive Planet during the French Chamber’s Gala Dinner

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On 14 June, the French Chamber of Great Britain held a live auction during its Gala Dinner to support Positive Planet, and in particular the project launched in Madagascar in 2010 to improve access to health for vulnerable populations. Positive Planet has driven the creation of three mutual health organisations and of a technical support platform called ZINA.

Jacques Attali, President of Positive Planet was the guest speaker of the Gala Dinner. He presented the vision of Positive Planet, and its mission, which is to create a better world for future generations by conducting projects facilitating access to entrepreneurship, finance and markets for all. He also spoke about the project in Madagascar.

On this occasion Positive Planet launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank, to support Tsihàrôfy, one of the three mutual health organisation created in Madagascar. The objective of the campaign is to cover 20,000 additional beneficiaries, helping them improve their economic situation, by reducing the burden of health expenses.

Visit the page of the HMO Tsihàrôfy crowdfunding campaign

Jacques Attali’s speech during the gala dinner

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