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Improve access to health in Madagascar by supporting our ZINA crowdfunding campaign

Mutuelle Tsiharofy
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Positive Planet Madagascar is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank to improve access to health in the north west of the country.

The context

More than 90% of the population of Madagascar lives on less than 2US$ a day and more than half of these inhabitants are considered extremely poor. For a large majority of Malagasy people, access to health care is extremely difficult, with many foregoing medical treatment due to the costs involved. Social protection is not widely available and the vast majority of inhabitants have no access to a health insurance. This impacts not only on their health but also on their ability to plan their finances knowing that ill health can have a catastrophic effect on their capacity to save or earn income.

The project

To address the healthcare crisis caused by a non-existent social welfare in Madagascar, Positive Planet has driven the creation of three health insurance programmes (including Tsihàrôfy) and of a technical support platform named ZINA. Tsihàrôfy offers a complete health insurance to the population living in the Diana region (in the north west of the country). For less than 15€ a year, a 7-person family can benefit from health insurance.

When Marcella, my 10-year-old granddaughter, contracted typhoid last year, I could take her to seek treatment at the clinic, without having to pay the hospitalisation fees.

Zakia, vanilla producer for the FIMPALA association, member of the Tshihàrôfy heath insurance for 2 years.

As well as addressing the primary need for affordable medical treatment, this programme also improves households’ economic situation by reducing  the burden of health expenses and enabling local people to stabilise their income.

Visit the ZINA project page to learn more.

The objective of the crowdfunding campaign

To raise 26,235€ to support Tsihàrôfy health insurance, in order to cover 2,000 additional families. This will impact 20,000 beneficiaries, 13,000 of which are children. This money sum will help raise awareness of the health insurance, in order to increase the number of members. This will ensure accessible subscriptions for the vulnerable population of the Diana region, thanks to the mutualist solidarity principle.

Please support us to develop affordable healthcare in rural Madagascar by donating and spreading the word about our campaign!

How to donate?

To participate in the crowdfunding, visit the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank page.

If you can’t read French but you are willing to contribute to this crowdfunding campaign and you pay taxes in France, please make a donation to the Positive Planet Foundation by contacting us at the following address: contact[at] The Foundation will make the contribution in your name on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank and will send a receipt for tax purposes. You will benefit from the compensations offered to our donors.

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