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Philanthropy is a life project

During your lifetime or by will, you can decide to dedicate part of your property to a Foundation like Positive Planet.

Whether it is a donation, a usufruct donation or a legacy, we present to you the different possibilities that are yours to allow Positive Planet to pursue its mission of job creation and professional integration for those who need it most.


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A donation
This is the irrevocable and immediate transmission during one's lifetime of property or a sum of money by notarial deed.

In France, the donation requires the intervention of a notary (Art 931 of the Civil Code) particularly when the donation relates to a large amount or corresponds to a large part of the heritage.

Il existe plusieurs types de donation mais globalement on peut donner : une somme d’argent, un bien meuble (meubles anciens, bijoux, antiquités, œuvres d’art, valeurs mobilières, ou tout autre objet de valeur) ou un bien immeuble (appartement, maison, parcelle de terre etc.).
A donation of usufruct
Usufruct consists of having the right of enjoyment and use, but without owning the property. A temporary donation in usufruct therefore consists in temporarily giving the use of an asset and the collection of income, while remaining the owner.

In the case of the temporary gift of usufruct:
- a portfolio of securities, the foundation will dispose of the income produced by the securities;
- of a rented property, the Foundation will dispose of the rents in their entirety.

The donation of usufruct is made under the same conditions as a donation (notarial deed) with specificities (maximum duration of 3 years).
It can be for a fixed period: donation of a temporary usufruct, or for an indefinite period. You can donate movable or immovable property.
A legacy
A legacy is a gift by will, taking effect after the death of the donor, by will before a notary or in simple writing (holograph will).

Only the available portion of your inheritance may not be bequeathed, taking into account the portion which is the right of your heirs who have been reserved: your children, grandchildren, or your spouse if you are married.

All of his property, rights and shares, subject to the reserved shares in the presence of these (i.e. spouse, children): universal legacy. Part of its heritage (eg 1/3) or a category of property (eg real estate): bequest on a universal basis. One or more specific assets (eg painting, portfolio of shares, house, jewel, etc.): particular bequest.
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